Good for the planet, good for your grapes.

Superfly® is a range of fertilisers and soil conditioners produced in Melbourne by Bardee. Superfly® is made from insect castings and exoskeletons from black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) fed food waste that would otherwise go to landfills. Every kilo offsets 5kg of CO2e.

Superfly® is far more than a source of NPK; due to the nature of being produced from the castings of insects fed on food waste Superfly® is a rich and balanced source of plant nutrients and contains a huge abundance and diversity of beneficial soil microbes as well as a unique biostimulant called chitin, (pronounced 'kite-in'), a key component of insect exoskeletons.

Superfly® improves vine health and enhances both grape production and quality by delivering a combination of benefits:

  • Nutrients fuel growth,
  • Beneficial microbes ensure the nutrients are taken up efficiently by the vines,
  • Chitin stimulates the plant to grow and fruit,
  • Beneficial microbes and chitin help control harmful pathogens like fungi, insects and nematodes.

The strategic introduction of chitin and the promotion of soil biodiversity can provide a multifaceted advantage for viticulturists, resulting in healthier grapevines, superior fruit, and a more resilient vineyard ecosystem.

It's a strategy that merges scientific innovation with traditional practices, creating a natural and sustainable path towards enhanced vineyard health and productivity.

all-season, all-purpose

Simple, versatile, efficient

Superfly® is available in both a slow-release pellets and a fast-acting natural form, and Superfly® On the Juice is a liquid.

All three products are suitable for use all year round, as they stimulate and feed growth in the growing seasons and protect vines and grapes from disease throughout the year.

These can be used as a full nutrition programme, or as an enhancement to your existing schedule.

lower your footprint

Reduce your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

A University of Cambridge study found that fertilisers emit the equivalent of 2.6 gigatonnes of carbon per year – more than global aviation and shipping combined. Carbon emissions from fertilisers urgently need to be reduced.

With Superfly® you can:

Reduce per application fertiliser requirement

Superfly is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and other essential nutrients. Less fertiliser is required to achieve healthy growth, reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions from fertiliser application and production.

Reduce overall fertiliser requirement

Improving soil health and structure with Superfly reduces the need for fertilisers and other soil amendments over time. This prevents scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions associated with fertiliser use and production.

Lowered risk of runoff causing waterway pollution

Superfly is slow-release, minimising the risk of runoff and leaching. This drives down scope 3 emissions associated with nutrient pollution in waterways.

Lowered carbon footprint from production & transport

Superfly production process is local, requires minimal energy and does not require fossil-fuel inputs - this reduces the greenhouse gas emissions associated with fertiliser production and transportation.

Reduced landfill waste prevents methane production

Our black soldier fly larvae are fed on food waste. Superfly prevents scope 3 emissions associated with organic waste breaking down in landfills, a significant source of methane, a potent greenhouse gas contributing to climate change.

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The magic of Chitin

Chitin is a molecule found in the exoskeletons of insects. As our BSFL feed on food waste and grow, they shed their exoskeletons five times, resulting in Superfly® being a rich source of insect chitin. When chitin is applied to soil, it is broken down into chitosan, another important biostimulant. In a similar way to flowering plants co-evolving with insect pollinators, plants have evolved around the presence of insect castings and the molecules it contains particularly chitin. Plants and even other soil life can detect the presence of chitin in the soil and can respond in beneficial ways:

Improves Flowering & Fruiting

In concentrations as low as 1ppm, chitin and chitosan have been shown to significantly increase number of flowers and induce earlier flowering

Accelerates root development

The beneficial microbes and biostimulants in Superfly® have been shown to significantly increase root growth.

Increases depth of colour, flavour & aroma

Plants have evolved to increase their production of terpenes and flavonoids in response to detecting insect chitin

Improves vine growth & fertiliser efficiency

Superfly® can be used alone or alongside your existing programme, preventing nutrient losses to volatilisation and runoff, increasing nutrient uptake by roots and triggering the plants to grow faster.

Prevent & combat diseases without pesticides

Abundant and diverse beneficial microorganisms in Superfly® will proliferate in the soil, occupying all the microscopic habitats that could otherwise be home to pathogenic microbes.

Grow tougher, greener & more water efficent vines

Superfly® makes vines greener, tougher and more drought resistant. Research has shown that chitin significantly increases both the size of chloroplasts in plant cells and increases silicon uptake by roots

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Sustainable Vineyard Management with Superfly®

Bardee are working with grape growers to improve the health and productivity of their vines using 100% black soldier fly frass fertiliser rich in chitin, from the exoskeletons of these insects.

We've compiled a report about the benefits of Superfly® in a vineyard environment.

How to use Superfly®

For vineyards we recommend a combination of Superfly® On the Juice and either Superfly® Fast-Acting Natural or Superfly® Slow-Release Pellets, depending on your preferred application method.Both Superfly® products are particularly suited to all-round use during early spring, pre-bloom, mid-season and post-harvest.

Both Superfly® Natural & Pellets have a good balance of immediately available nutrients and organic nutrients that are gradually released into the soil. With year-round use, the beneficial microbes and biostimulants will maintain and protect your vines.All of our products have a relatively inoffensive, earthy smell, and Superfly® On the Juice has a pleasant subtle smokey smell due to its pyroligneous acid content.


Superfly® Natural & Slow Release


Approximately every 12 weeks, depending on your vineyard management timings (early spring, pre-bloom, mid-season and post-harvest)


Broadcast or spread 50g per square metre (500 kg per Ha). Water all Superfly® products in after application to ensure it incorporates into the soil and activates the dormant beneficial microbes.

APPLICATION guide: Liquid

Superfly® On the Juice


10 mL of ‘On the Juice’ concentrate per 1 L water (1:100)


Apply every 2 – 4 weeks throughout the year


Apply approximately 1,000 L per Ha of the diluted mixture (10 L of concentrate per Ha).

We recommend applying early morning before the sun is at its hottest or after sunset when evaporation rates are lower.