What's in Superfly fertiliser?

Superfly fertiliser is made from 100% black soldier fly castings and exoskeletons.

Where can I buy bardee products?

Superfly fertiliser is available in in Bunnings , Mitre 10, independent nurseries and online.

And you can find Bardee's insect protein in your favorite dog kibble and treats in Pet Stock, Pet Barn, independent pet stores and online.

How can I start food waste collections at my work?

Contact us to start Bardee food waste collections at your workplace.

Is superfly fertiliser available in bulk?

Yes. Superfly fertiliser is available in bulk in bulka bags (solid), drums (liquid) and IBCs (liquid).

How does Bardee generate carbon credits?

Bardee generates carbon credits (ACCUs) by diverting food waste from landfills and transforming it into protein and fertiliser with insects.