Our Story

We started with an idea to transform food waste into valuable, sustainable products. Now, we are the largest insect breeding, fertiliser and protein producer in Australia, and have developed a world-leading vertical farming system that can create up to 40 tonnes of carbon offset per day.

We’re tackling one of humanities greatest challenges in a brand new way with insects. Food production must double by 2050 to feed the global population, but a third of food produced today ends up in landfills, and we’re in a position to change that.

70% of food wastage actually occurs before it gets to our plate. And when food goes to landfills and breaks down, it produces methane - a greenhouse gas ~80x more potent than carbon dioxide.

Every tonne of food waste Bardee diverts from landfill creates ~2.5 tonnes of carbon offset. The vertical farming system we use to transform the waste, uses no additional water and produces two product streams: insect protein & frass fertiliser.

These products can replace things like meat, and soy in the food system that have a big negative impact on the environment, like deforestation and overfishing. Reshaping the global food system to us means that by transforming waste into useful products, we can create a more sustainable, circular food system that will feed generations to come.

We’re a small, rapidly growing team that constantly innovates and creates new ways to operate. Superflies are infinitely resourceful, care deeply about the work that we do and we’re just at the beginning.

Founded in 2019, by Alex, a bug and soil scientist, and Phoebe, an ex-architect, we started in a shipping container. Now we're building the technology that will hopefully one day lead to food waste being considered a value stream, and put an end to the devastating impact it has on our environment when it is sent to landfill to rot.

And we're just getting started.

Reshaping the global food system


Our products are helping to make agriculture more sustainable, offsetting carbon by diverting food waste from landfill, and replacing unsustainable feed and fertiliser in our food system.


Food waste is tipped at Bardee's pilot facility, Moonbase.

We work with growers and producers to collect organic food waste from farms, property managers and factories


Food waste is processed into an optimal feed for black soldier fly larvae.

Every tonne of food waste diverted from landfill, creates prevents ~2,500kg of CO2 emissions


Our vertical farming system feeds and nurtures the flies through their natural growth phases.

In our Grow Labs, larvae grow 3000x in size in just 7 days eating only food waste - no added water!


Carbon positive products are created, natural outputs of the larvae life cycle.

Larvae are processed into a high quality insect protein for pet food and animal feed & the castings become a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser