Bardee fertilisers are made with unique ingredients from Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) frass and exoskeletons.

Black Soldier Fly Frass fertilisers are a powerful tool for plant nutrition. Bardee's fertilisers are alive with 240 million colony-forming microbes per gram, are naturally high in chitin and packed with trace elements, to help you build healthy, well-structured soil in any environment.

Our flagship fertiliser, Superfly is made from 100% black soldier fly castings & exoskeletons... yup, that's right, it's fly poo!

But this is not just any old insect excrement. It's made by diverting food waste from landfills and blending it into the perfect diet for our billion-strong army of clever bugs. They turn it into a powerful tool for plant nutrition - a potent blend of beneficial microbes, chitin, organic matter, and 10+ essential nutrients, a probiotic superfood for plants.

  • Accelerates plant growth with a balance of fast and slow-release nutrients, calcium and 10+ trace elements
  • Improves soil structure to increase water-holding capacity and promote deeper roots
  • Suitable for all plants & soil types, including clay
  • Contains millions of bio-diverse microbes and feeds worms to build healthy, resilient living soils

Now we're giving everyone from agricultural powerhouses to hobby gardeners, a taste of the good stuff, and putting a dent in Australia's 7.9 million tonne food waste problem.

Superfly is all the nutrition, probiotics and goodness our crops, lawns and gardens need to thrive, without damaging the environment.

With Superfly, Australian farmers, lawn lovers & indoor plant parents can grow greener and reduce their carbon footprint.

sustainable agriculture

Superfly® Trials, Lab Analyses & Literature Review

Natural ecosystems produce some of the most productive soils in the world without the need for synthetic fertilisers. These ecosystems are typically highly populated with insects, which rapidly convert organic material into insect castings (frass). Frass has many unique properties that fertilise and stimulate the soil food web, which in turn feeds and protects the plants.

In this report we review the major benefits of Superfly® for agricultural applications and discuss the mechanisms in which Superfly® achieves these benefits.

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Reshaping the global food system
Reshaping the global food system
Reshaping the global food system