Carbon Positive Insect Protein

Bardee's animal feed and pet food ingredients are hypoallergenic, high quality and nutritionally balanced, packed with essential amino and fatty acids for high palatability and a healthier immune systems in animals.

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Pet food

Hypoallergenic pet food ingredients with essential amino and fatty acids for high palatability and a healthier immune system.

Poultry Feed

Sustainable ingredients replace traditional feed sources for healthier chickens and better-tasting eggs and meat.

Pig Feed

All natural, highly nutritious, palatable and require far fewer resources to produce than traditional protein sources.


Natural alternative to fishmeal, BSFL protein ingredients offer improved fish health and optimal growth rates.

Bardee protein ingredients are made from Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL).

All-natural protein meals and oils made with nutritious black soldier fly larvae ingredients. Bardee’s technology perfectly balances amino and fatty acid profiles for pet food and feed formulations.


Higher digestibility of proteins, fat and dry matter than typical ingredients.

highly palatable

Animals love the taste of black soldier fly larvae protein and oil.

improved health

Healthy fatty acids to improve health and boost immune response.


The novelty of black soldier fly larvae protein makes it perfect for food-related allergies or sensitivities.

sustainable source of protein

Every kilo of Bardee protein offsets 15 kilos of CO2 emissions.

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making an impact

From us, the planet, and your pets... Thank you!

Bardee has developed a world-leading vertical farming system to turn food waste into a perfect feed for black soldier fly larvae. Diets that include Black Soldier Fly protein create happier, healthier chickens that lay better tasting eggs, fish and pigs that are less prone to illness, have a higher food conversion ratio and pet food that is carbon positive.

Every kilo of protein offsets 15kg of CO2e