November 14, 2022
Why is food waste a problem?

Well the clue is in the title, it’s wasted when it can be used for so much more.

Today, one third of food is wasted. And 70% of that wastage takes place before we even see it on our plate. The majority of it ends up in landfill which doesn’t just mean we are polluting the earth and wasting food, it actually creates methane - a greenhouse gas 30x more potent than carbon dioxide.

How do we reduce food wastage?

We want to reshape the global food system, for the better. Bardee have built a world-class vertical farming system for Black Soldier Flies to not only consume the food waste, but turn it into something that helps other things grow, like fertiliser or tasty pet food.

By turning it into something else, we create a circular economy that benefits people, animals and plants, as well as the environment. At Bardee, our solution is pet food, animal feed and fertiliser,but we know of lots of other amazing companies who are turning waste into resource - check out Great Wrap for example!

Are these Black Soldier Flies pure magic?

Well, to us they’re pretty special but it’s not magic, it’s biology and the circle of life. Just like what Mufasa said, except our gazelles don’t gallop, they soar.

  • Black Soldier Flies are brought to food waste which has been processed into a perfect feed for these insects to grow fast and healthy.
  • As the larvae grow, 3000x in size in just 7 days, they transform 100% of the organic matter- and using no additional water!
  • As the larvae consume the food waste and grow, they create ‘frass’ which is a polite term for manure, or the more horticulturally appropriate turn of phrase ‘castings’, which is an all natural, nutrient-rich fertiliser
  • The biomass from the mature larvae is separated from the frass and is either cooked, or we dry it all up, removing the fat which creates the protein ingredient for animal feed
  • And in the true spirit of zero waste, the fat that has been removed becomes a BSFL oil, which can be re-blended with the protein ingredients in ideal concentrations to create perfect, nutritionally balanced pet food and animal feed.

It’s a straightforward process if the conditions are right. Our life's work at Bardee is all centered around optimising those conditions - oh and the flies have their preferences.

We don’t need to be wasting food at all, there are ways to avoid polluting the earth in landfill sites. Feed our flies, not the bin.

Zero food waste with Bardee.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our food waste services and how we can help you.

Bailey Petts

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