November 14, 2022
Stop overfishing to feed livestock - use bugs instead!

Did you know overfishing in our oceans doesn’t just happen to feed humans? We overfish not just for our fancy salmon teriyaki or tuna sushi, but to feed our livestock.

Pigs, cattle, farmed fish and chickens are fed fish as a protein source. This only adds to the collapse of global fish populations and encourages unsustainable fishing. 

We are told that having seafood in our diets is very healthy, but there are ways to achieve high levels of protein without eating fish and/or fishing much less than we do, in a more sustainable way. 

Through focusing on the global demand for a sustainable seafood supply and marine conservation, we see alternatives in our future with insect protein. Without having to give up our flash sushi.

Insect protein 

With sustainable ingredients like protein from Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL), we can feed livestock as well as our pets. 

Even better, BSFL protein can be specially formulated to match the nutritional requirements for livestock, for example our poultry range and aquafeed range can 100% replace the protein element of traditional feed sources. 

Insects can provide protein to effectively replace the use of fish for feeding livestock, so you will have strong animals with a more sustainable diet. 

Other benefits include: 

  • A sustainable, natural feed
  • Every tonne of Bardee protein offsets 15 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • Improved livestock health, and food conversion ratios 
  • Healthy fatty acid profile improves the immune system and reduces reliance on antibiotics.
  • Better tasting eggs, fish and chicken

Can farming insects have a negative impact on the environment?

Unlike traditional farming of livestock and fish, Bardee’s world-class vertical farming system uses no additional water, so we don’t waste any of that either!

See our graph below outlining the water usage, how much land is required to farm insects and how much feed is produced by Black Soldier Fly Larvae and Bardee. I’ll give you a clue, Bardee wins. 

We want to reshape the global food system and create a sustainable future for us and our animals. If we continue to overfish, we will only be harming the environment and continuing to ignore the power of our super flies! 

They’re tasty and sustainable, just ask our chickens. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our insect protein!

Bailey Petts

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