November 14, 2022
Living soil? Huh?

The soil is allllliiiiiiiiiiveeeee! Don’t worry, your soil isn’t going to morph into some kind of earthy monster and destroy your home but it is a living thing. Just like you and me. In fact, soil that isn’t alive with healthy microbes, is well, not soil at all, it’s dirt.

Bardee is based on the idea of reshaping the global food system, which is why we’ve made sure our products aren’t just good for the planet, they’re also good for plants and the soil they grow in. 

Healthy soil, healthy you

You hear lots of people talking about microbes in your gut, and how important they are, right?

Well, considering we get our food from the ground, it’s quite logical to think that if there are healthy microbes in your soil the better our food will be. 

Microbes, the good ones anyway, can help you digest food, maintain reproductive health and protect against possible infections. They keep us ticking over as healthy human beings, so it’s important to make sure our food grows in healthy soil. Living soil, where our food grows, is the key to a healthy and sustainable future.


How can we make our soil healthy?

With our overuse and commitment to antibiotics, highly processed foods, we have damaged the microbes in our human gut - this is similar to the way we have depleted soil microbes. With:

  • Chemical fertilisers
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Lack of organic matter (for soil to feed on)

Our soil health has been affected. 

Soil microbiota is vital for plant health, and to provide a healthy source of food to us, meaning if the soil has healthy microbes in, so will we. 

All is not lost though. You’ve probably heard that consuming the correct probiotics can help your gut health, and the same can be done with our soil. With technological advances, we can repair the damage with the reintroduction of microbial species. 

Our Bardee Superfly is made from 100% Black Soldier Fly Frass and is certified organic. It’s packed with 240million beneficial microbes per gram, the super-ingredient chitin and other slow and quick release nutrients to: 

  • Improve soil health
  • Activate natural plant defences
  • Accelerate plant growth.

Living soil is one of most important ecosystems on earth, it regulates climate, filters water and mitigates floods. If we look after our soil with organic fertiliser, we are supporting the earth’s natural defences (as well as our gut!). 

Get in touch with us today for pricing and more information about how Superfly can help you.

Bailey Petts

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