November 14, 2022
How to feed your pet more sustainably

Do you know what is actually inside your pet’s food? At Bardee we want to focus on our pets’ health as well as the health of our home. You know, home planet - earth.

The trend for human-grade pet food is not going anywhere - we love our pups, and we get it. Raw, natural, whole foods are great for a doggy diet, and many of the ones on the market could pass as perfectly good people food, which is wonderful... Or would be, if food production wasn’t having such a devastating impact on the environment.

Pet food made from insect protein - the paw-fect compromise?

Our black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) products are all natural and tasty. It’s so tasty that one day we hope to make human food with BSFL. 

As an ingredient for pet food, it’s: 

  • Highly digestible, with 60% protein, lots of healthy fat and dry matter for digestion
  • Super palatable - and by that, we mean SUPER yummy
  • Healthy, with amino acids for smooth, supple skin and a shiny coat (and also boosts their immune response)
  • Rich in nutrients

That’s not all either, because insect protein is ‘novel’, it means our furry friends haven’t become allergic to it over generations, so it’s hypoallergenic! So even the most sensitive of stomachs love it. 

Did we mention that every kilo of Bardee protein offsets 15 kilos of CO2 emissions? Well, now you know. An even bigger reason to feed your pooch our insect protein pet food. 

Good for your pets, good for the planet.

Come and let your pickiest pooch try a sample, we think you’ll be impressed.

Check out Landline discussing insect protein for pet food here!

Get in touch with us today for pricing and more information about our insect protein products.

Bailey Petts

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