July 3, 2022
Fly Friends - Our partnership with ISPT

Partnering up with other businesses is a great way to maximise the power of a circular economy, especially ones who share the same environmental commitments as Bardee.

ISPT’s $20 billion portfolio invests in and develops commercial, logistics, warehouses, retail and residential properties on behalf of their investors, who are some of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds, and ultimately the 50%+ of working Australians who have their retirement savings invested in property through ISPT.

They are also providing retailers, government departments and communities with a meaningful place to work in, and they care deeply about minimising their impact on the environment. This is how they came to be friends of the flies…

50%+ of working Australians are helping Bardee to reshape the global food system through having their retirement savings invested in property through ISPT. Thank you! 🙌

Symbiotic relationships

We first met ISPT through Melbourne University’s Accelerator Programme (shoutout to our first investors!)

Renee Nutbean, ISPT’s ESG Innovation Lead immediately recognised the potential of Bardee’s approach.  ‘It 100% aligned with our vision of turning waste into a resource using technology and infrastructure that in itself produced positive ESG outcomes’. 

Since then, ISPT have been working with Bardee as a food waste partner, sending organic waste created at their Melbourne properties to our facility to be processed into products such as our fertiliser and feed, instead of ending up in landfill. 

ISPT partnered with Bardee during Melbourne Knowledge Week to showcase how we are working together to reshape the global food system.

Share the waste

ISPT respects the purity of the circular economy and is putting steps in to incentivise their tenants across their many properties, but it can be more difficult than you would think. 

Tenants in their commercial properties face issues around staffing, being too busy or not understanding the role they play in responsible waste management, so ISPT is trying routes of encouragement. Renee told Bardee:

“The Bardee solution is such a standout solution.  For the environment, for other sectors who will use the bardee products, for the property sector which has been grappling with the waste problem, and for the general public, knowing their superannuation is being invested in such sustainable ways.”  

“We’re working hard to encourage our property customers to separate the waste, obviously, to incentivise them. This is the only solution we have found so far that gets waste out of landfill and does so with significant cost benefits.  Once we start to talk about lower costs as well as impact, we know our customers will embrace change.”

Renee Nutbean leads a panel at ISPT property Foys Arcade, featuring Bardee CEO & Co-founder Phoebe Gardner and Rob Gell during Melbourne Knowledge Week.

To the future!

We have all experienced challenges especially with lockdowns meaning businesses haven’t been in full operational mode. 

ISPT wants to send us even more waste moving forward *flies sing out in harmony*. 

With more waste coming our way in Victoria, Renee at ISPT thought about all the other states Bardee could be involved in:

“We just need Bardee to expand.”

We hear ya, Renee…our flies are hungry and there’s more waste out there for us to get our hands on.

It’s always a pleasure to work with like-minded businesses who value that there is always something more we can be doing to reduce our negative environmental impact!

Would you like to follow ISPT's lead and partner with Bardee? Find out more about Bardee's food waste management solution

Hannah Johnston

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