November 14, 2022
Does your pet have a sensitive stomach? Insect protein could be the answer

We love our pets. Maybe a little too much. We pamper them, cuddle them, and want to provide them with the best - especially when it comes to their food, and ESPECIALLY when they’re a picky eater.

However, sometimes it might feel like no matter what pet food you give them, they’ll either refuse to eat or or it’ll make their stomach turn afterwards. In these scenarios, what is there to do?

On a quest to find a solution, you head to the pet food aisle at the supermarket. On your search for that perfect pet food, you see the word ‘hypoallergenic’ plastered on some of the food packaging. Curious, you pick some up to investigate. What does it even mean?

What does it mean to be hypoallergenic?

In short, hypoallergenic pet food means it is less likely to cause allergic reactions when eaten by our pets. In fact, the meaning is directly in the word - “hypo” (less than normal) and “allergenic” (causing allergic reactions). 

Pet food can be hypoallergenic in two main ways. It can either be hydrolysed - meaning that the protein source is broken down into its amino acid components which helps reduce allergies - or it can be made from a novel protein source. The latter is where we come in, with our insect protein!

How our insect protein can help your pet

Usually when your pet gets an allergic reaction to food, it’s because of the protein used. 

Because your pet’s ancestors hadn’t been eating black soldier fly protein (how unfortunate for them!), it’s much less likely that your pet will have an allergic reaction or other immune response to the ingredient compared to traditional protein sources like beef, chicken, lamb or fish.

This makes insect protein a perfect choice for pets that struggle with allergies to traditional protein sources.

You might be wondering, however, whether your dog would actually enjoy eating insect protein - if it’s so new to them, how do you know they’d actually eat it? Well, good news. Studies have been conducted testing insect protein and have shown some very promising results, with palatability and digestibility scores being around the same as traditional protein sources.

Why you should explore insect protein for your pet

Not only is our insect protein hypoallergenic, it’s also carbon negative. Every kilo of our protein offsets 15 kilos of CO2 emissions! 

Planet-friendly pet food that is easy on the stomach. What more could you ask for? Check out our insect protein and contact us for pricing today!

Raghav Sharma

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