Optimal selection of feed can greatly influence the health, productivity, and overall wellness of your flock.

Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL), is a superfood loaded with essential nutrients, that stands to revolutionise your poultry diet strategy.

Incorporating live Black Soldier Fly Larvae, scientifically known as Hermetia Illucens, into your poultry feed regimen could dramatically boost the quality and quantity of egg production. Bursting with high levels of easily digestible protein, calcium, and healthy fats, including lysine, an essential amino acid, BSFL offers a veritable banquet of nutritious delights for your layer hens.

The inclusion of BSFL in your poultry feed isn't just about supplying essential nutrients.

This natural, Non-GMO feed promotes instinctive foraging behaviour in chickens, reinforcing their natural habits and contributing to their overall wellbeing. Moreover, due to its eco-friendly production, where larvae are reared on pre-consumer food waste, BSFL supports sustainable farming practices.

Perhaps most remarkable is the evidence-backed role of BSFL in enhancing the quality and sensory appeal of eggs.

Research has indicated that the inclusion of BSFL meal in layer hen diets significantly enhances the appearance, texture, and taste of eggs. This can be attributed to the high concentration of glutamic acid present in BSFL protein, known for its umami flavor, thereby enhancing the sensory qualities of the eggs.

Beyond aesthetics, the inclusion of BSFL in poultry diets brings health benefits too. The larvae are a rich source of lauric acid, a short-chain fatty acid with significant antiviral and antibacterial properties. Although research is still exploring the extent of this benefit, there's promising evidence suggesting that this lauric acid may find its way into the eggs themselves. Moreover, BSFL are high in antimicrobial proteins and chitin, supporting the fight against pathogens, promoting gut health, and aiding immune system balance.

Incorporating BSFL into your poultry feed strategy doesn't just lead to more productive hens and better eggs; it may also boost hen health and welfare.

By choosing live BSFL over processed meal forms, you're likely enhancing these benefits even further, encouraging natural behaviour and wellbeing in your flock.

Integrating live Black Soldier Fly Larvae into your layer hen feed regimen offers a host of benefits, from improved hen health and productivity to superior egg quality.

By choosing this natural, nutritious, and sustainable option, you're taking a forward-thinking approach to poultry farming, combining the benefits of scientific discovery with natural and responsible farming practices. The result? Happy, healthy hens, and outstanding eggs.