Turning food waste into food

Bardee's vertical farming system uses no additional water and transforms food waste into a high quality carbon positive protein for pigs, poultry and fish farming, and the castings, into an organic fertiliser for healthier, more resilient plants.

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reshaping the global food system
Bardee offers an integrated solution to reduce your waste management cost and provide a more sustainable recovery

Bardee waste processing system is more cost effective and sustainable than traditional composting facilities and landfill. Bardee can help you to reach higher outcomes of waste recovery, by transforming your food waste into products that reduce the environmental impact of the wider food system.

A mock up of Bardee Food Waste Bins

Ready to go Zero Food Waste with Bardee?

We're processing food waste from across Melbourne, helping businesses like Restaurants, Hospitals, Markets and more to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve zero food waste. If you would like to help us reshape the food system, and you're based in Melbourne, you can apply here and we'll let you know as soon as we can add your business to our collection run! 

You can find out more about how it works, and the pricing, here.

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So far, we have created


kg of CO2e offset

From food waste
To real food products
With Black Soldier Flies
making an impact
Every tonne of food waste helps to offset 1.9 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Bardee turn food waste into a perfect feed for black soldier fly larvae. The frass or castings, are an all-natural, certified organic fertiliser, high in chitin, and alive with 240 million microbes per gram. The protein is a high quality ingredient for animal feed, hypo-allergenic, and proven to have better food conversion ratio.

70% of food wastage occurs before we see food on our plate, and most usually ends up in landfill. When food goes to landfill and rots, it produces methane— a greenhouse gas 30x more potent than carbon dioxide.